”The Darwish name has sealed a distinctive legacy in Qatar and it is now on the threshold of spectacular world-class projects, business entities and industry investments that surpass regional boundaries.”

Inspiration meets opportunity at Darwish Holdings and, as one of Qatar’s enduring family business consortiums, it aims to add prosperity and build commendable chapters to the success story that is Qatar.

The spectrum of businesses that are part of Darwish Holding’s portfolio is committed to innovation and service excellence. The core principles encompass respect for customers, integrity in all business dealings and determination in pursuing projects having the greatest potential of benefiting the citizens of Qatar.  The company operates, and owes its success to an exclusive fusion of rich family traditions and discerning business strategies.

Darwish Malls sets a benchmark by developing contemporary, ground-breaking shopping landmarks in mixed-use and affluent communities and in establishing upscale retail and culinary destinations. These are all operated by an experienced team of talented experts devoted to evolving and maintaining world-class standards in the shopping center domain.

Darwish Holdings harnesses opportunities that create milestones, offering the right retail environment for its partners and tenants through retail, mall management, investment and energy.

With Lagoona Mall and Fifty One East, Darwish Malls is set to raise the bar and play a significant role in stimulating the retail and economic sectors of Qatar, confident in the wealth of experience amassed over the last eighty years.

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