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About Cioccolat Italiani

Cioccolat Italiani, is known as the brand that launched a new chocolate culture in Italy and worldwide. It is a true Italian story of flavorful chocolate set in the best Italian traditions, used to create desserts and delights of unparalleled quality using only “Fino de Aroma” Cocoa which is the most precious variety of cocoa in the world. Cioccolat Italiani is a new and revolutionary concept that combines taste, authenticity, tradition and innovation. Cioccolat Italiani is not just a chocolate and dessert store; it is a brand that revolutionizes the world of chocolate. The Cioccolat Italiani store carries plush, elegant decor and modern elegantly furnished interiors.

Working Hours:

SAT - WED : 8AM - 11PM

THU & FRI : 8AM - 12PM


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